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January 13, 2020 Free Deep House Construction Kit

Free Deep House Construction Kit


Free Deep House Construction Kit from the sample pack “Deep Dream” with that awesome Deep House sound.

The Deep Dream sample pack is the Ultimate Deep House Collection! It is the perfect choice for Deep House, Tech House and House production.

Create your Deep & melodic House track with ease.

Free Deep House Kit

Equipped with 4 folders, 33 loops, 9 one-shots and 4 midi files, you can use them as-is or manipulate as you want.

Contain wet drums, sub / bass-lines, hi leads, dreamy pads, deep stabs, vocals and FX loops to create your own deep & dreamy track.

step your production game up with this quality free sample pack!

Product Includes:

  • 45 Samples
  • All samples 24bit – 41KHZ
  • 89 MB of Content (zipped)
  • Full Commercial Use


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Sample Packs and Construction Kits

EDM 2020 Sample Pack

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Asi Vidal 

January 9, 2020 Free Acoustic Drums – Music Production

Free Acoustic Drums – Music Production


This free acoustic drums kit contains real drums for authentic-sounding drum layers in your projects. Your tracks will sound genuine more then ever before, especially if you produce pop, rock or hip-hop. 

Free Drum Kit Sample Pack

Equipped with 6 folders 72 drums samples, all recorded in 24Bit/48Khz. Kick drums, Snares, Claps, Open hats, Closed hats and percussions.

If you are looking for astonishing natural sounding drums for your next productions, one that sounds plumpy, dynamic and still acoustic. This free sample pack is for you!  

step your production game up with this quality free sample pack!

Product Includes:

  • 72 Samples
  • All samples 24bit – 48KHZ
  • 28 MB of Content (zipped)
  •    Full Commercial Use


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Free Sample packs Download

5 Best Synth For EDM In 2020

Sample Packs and Construction Kits

EDM 2020 Sample Pack

Pro Tech Sample Pack

Serum Presets Sample pack


Asi Vidal 

December 4, 2019 5 Best Synths For EDM In 2020

5 Best Synths For EDM In 2020

5 Best Synths For EDM In 2020

The best synths for EDM in 2020, It's a new year and everyone is looking for better sound, So we checked out all the VSTs and asked our producers whos using what and how it is working for them.

Based on the answers we got, these are the 5 best synths for EDM in 2020.


1. ReFX Nexus 3

ReFX Nexus 3 VST / AU
ReFX Nexus 3

Nexus 3 Features

  • Fully backward compatible with Nexus1 and Nexus2
  • All your expansions will continue to work
  • Completely new, flat, scaleable, vector-based UI
  • Faster, bigger, better in every way
  • Improved CPU performance by up to 94%
  • Improved preset loading times, up to 8x faster than NEXUS2
  • All arps and trance gates of all layers are fully accessible and editable
  • The arpeggiator has a new sequencer mode to play chords and other complex patterns
  • The arpeggiator has up to 256 steps

New Content

  • 350 new, custom-designed presets
  • More than 80 new impulse responses

ReFx Nexus 3 



2. N.I Massive X

Native Instruments Massive X VST
Native Instruments Massive X

Massive X


  • Immaculate sound and complete sonic freedom for advanced sound design
  • Create with a new level of dynamic, shifting sound, with truly flexible routing and extensive modulation
  • Based on the DNA of MASSIVE, built for a new decade and designed to evolve

Massive X Features

Rethought, rewired, and reincarnated – MASSIVE X is the successor to an iconic synthesizer that helped spawn entire genres. Get everything you need to create any sound imaginable. Quickly patch complex routings to bring your ideas to life – no matter how far-out they might seem – and take things further than you thought you could with expressive, playable modulation. Think it up, dial it in, and define what the future sounds like.


N.I Massive X



3. Reveal Sound Spire VST

Reveal Sound Spire VST
Reveal Sound Spire VST

Reveal Sound Spire

Spire Synthesizer - the combination of best opportunities of software and hardware synthesizers

Over 900 factory presets including complex arpeggios and bass sequences,
a versatile assortment of leads, exhilarating pads, plucks, drums and FXs.

With X­-Comp (Multiband Compressor) and 3-band EQ, 4x Macros, 4x Envelopes, 4x LFOs with morphing shapes,
15x Matrix slots each equipped with 2x sources and 4x targets.

FX - Shaper/Decimator, Phaser/Vowel, Chorus/Flanger, Delay, Reverb


Reveal Sound Spire VST


4. Vengeance Producer Suite - VPS Avenger

Vengeance Producer Suite - Avenger
Vengeance Producer Suite - VPS Avenger

VPS Avenger

Meet our new alpha and omega of synthesis: Vengeance Producer Suite Avenger is here! The most versatile and best sounding synth you will ever encounter. There is nothing VPS Avenger can't do, it offers you tons of features and a gigantic growing library from some of the best sound designers on this planet.

VPS Avenger Features :

  • VST / PC & Intel Mac VST / AU & AAX - runs in all compatible hosts
  • 64 Bit and VST3 standard (64Bit is required!)
  • over 930 factory presets
  • 620 multi-samples
  • 218 special samples (attacks, noises)
  • 154 resampler waves
  • 168 drumkits, 168 drum sequences
  • 596 wavetables
  • 219 granular samples
  • thousands of OSC shapes (waveforms) available
  • 30 fx types (incl. analog chorus, Reverb, Phaser etc. from ArtsAcoustic)

Wait! There is more

  • 47 Filter types
  • up to 1000 playing OSCs with one note possible
  • resampling/wavetable generator built-in
  • freeform OSCs. Draw your own waveforms
  • alias-free OSCs, Wavetables, FM and AM modulation
  • powerful and easy drag and drop mod matrix
  • resizable vectorized GUI (4k ready)

Our Favorites

  • undo feature
  • comfortable preset search system/tag cloud
  • 8 arps, drum sequencer, 8 step seq, 18 envelope generators
  • 16 individually routable sub outs into your DAW's mixer
  • macro controllers assigned in each preset, for quick sound changes
  • external midi controllers and pedals support
  • free routable fx busses and send effects
  • customizable lfos, 4 shaper modules (distortion units on OSC level)
  • many unison features: chorder and our own invented "V-Saw" supersaw
  • key- and velocity zones
  • import your own (multi)samples, drums, wavetables or OSC waveforms
  • MIDI learn function (connect your external MIDI gear with Avenger)


VPS Avenger


5. Xfer Serum

Xfer Serum VST
Xfer Serum VST

Xfer Serum

The dream synthesizer did not seem to exist: a wavetable synthesizer with a truly high-quality sound, visual and creative workflow-oriented interface to make creating and altering sounds fun instead of tedious, and the ability to “go deep” when desired - to create/import/edit/morph wavetables, and manipulate these on playback in real-time.

Effects rack with 10 effects modules lets you get your sound all the way to the finish line inside Serum. Effects can be re-ordered to any configuration you want. Virtually all effect parameters are also available as modulation destinations.

This is especially useful in monophonic synth sounds. For example, apply an LFO to control reverb size or dry/wet, or velocity to control distortion amount.

Many of these effects and modes were built just for Serum, so there are many unique effects to choose from, such as Hyper, which simulates (additional) unison amounts, or a dual-waveshaper which allows for a distortion you can morph between two separate wave shapes.

Serum comes with over 450 presets, 144 wavetables.
Available as VST, AU, AAX 64bit.

Xfer Serum

That's it for now, based on our community of producers these are the best 5 synths for EDM in 2020. hope it will help you to choose your right sound this year.

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November 4, 2019 Best 10 Tips For The Beginning Music Producers

Best 10 Tips For The Beginning Music Producers

10 Tips For The Beginning Music Producers

10 Tips For The Beginning Music Producers, starting out as a musician is no easy task. Even if you have a bit of musical experience, the learning curve is still quite high for producing, mixing, and mastering your own music. Improving and succeeding as a music producer will ultimately come down to the hard work and dedication that you put into your craft. However, there are a few ways that you can help speed up the learning process. Below I have listed the top ten tips for beginning music producers.

1.Get feedback on your music

Getting feedback from other producers is one of the best ways for you to learn as a music producer. The key is to get feedback from producers whose opinions you trust and that are more experienced than you. This will ensure that you are getting feedback that will help improve your track and help guide you in the right direction. and that is more experienced than you. This will ensure that you are getting feedback that will help improve your track and help guide you in the right direction.

2. Fancy software isn’t going to make you a better producer

Beginning producers often think that if they have the newest plugin on the market that they would become professionals. This could not be further from the truth. If you gave a professional music producer a basic set of production tools and then gave a beginning producer any software available on the market, the professional producer will always create a better sounding track. Understanding music theory, dynamics, frequencies, and arrangements are all components of making a professional song. Having the latest synth isn’t going to help you in all of these areas. Stick to a few basic tools when you are starting out and learn the ins and outs of this software. This will allow you time to learn the fundamentals of music production at a much quicker rate as you won’t be distracted by the latest software that you think will magically turn your amateur productions into professional ones.

3. Produce quickly

When you first start producing music, it can be very easy to get distracted. You are just getting used to your DAW and all the software in it. Staying focused on creating music without getting distracted will help you improve the quickest. Don’t know exactly what the compressor’s threshold does? Don’t worry about it. Focus on completing the track, and don’t focus on the smaller details. In the beginning stages, there is so much you don’t know and going down a rabbit hole of learning what a compressor is, what the threshold is, and how you can apply it to your tracks, can take hours of studying and produce almost no results. There will be a time and place to learn all of these technical details but now is not the time.

4. Keep your projects organized

Being organized is incredibly important. Labeling, grouping, and color-coding your tracks are one of the best ways to improve your workflow. Without this organization, it can be easy to get lost in your project. This will inevitably slow down your workflow and slow down your growth as a producer. Every time you create a new track in your DAW, label it appropriately, color code it and put it in a group of similar instruments.

5. Focus on one skill at a time

Mixing, mastering, arranging, and sound design are all different parts of the production process. Beginning music producers are often overwhelmed by the amount of work and knowledge that goes into becoming proficient in each of these processes. In the early stages of your music production journey, it is best to pick one of these particular skills and learn just this one skill. If you are inexperienced in all of these areas, when you try and create a track and work through all these different skill sets, you will quickly become discouraged. Honing in on one particular area of the production process allows you to learn every particular skill set in depth instead of having little knowledge about each part of the production process.

6. Be patient

You are not going to be making professional records overnight or even a year from now. Time and patience are necessary to succeed as an artist. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t making the music that you know you could be making. Trust that with time, hard work, and patience that you can achieve your music production goals.

7. Back up your work

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard of music producers losing all of their work due to a computer crash or stolen laptop. This tip doesn’t just apply to music producers. It applies to everyone using a computer. Buy an external hard drive and preferably a cloud-based service to back up your computer. If your computer unexpectedly crashes or your laptop gets lost or stolen, you are never going to get your projects back unless they are backed up.

8. Produce everyday

If you are looking to take your music production career seriously then your actions need to follow. Producing every day will give you the greatest opportunity to succeed in this hyper-competitive industry. Most professionals are taking time each day to make music and you should too.

9. Learn sound design

Inexperienced producers either feel they don’t need to learn sound design or are intimidated by it. Sound design is an important skill set that is needed for transforming that idea in your head into your DAW. A great place to start learning sound design is with learning the fundamentals of synthesis and learning about the various audio effects and how they can be applied to sounds. Experimentation is key with sound design so get creative.

10. Analyze your favorite artist’s tracks

The answers are right in front of you. You are able to playback your all-time favorite tracks as many times as you would like and dissect them. Listen to how the track is mixed, what elements are used in the track, and how it is arranged. This will help you understand how a professional track is built.


Music producers who are just starting are in for an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience, but this experience will also come with frustration as learning how to produce is no easy task. Hard work and dedication will be your calling card for success in the long run. By applying the ten tips above you help bypass and shorten some of the frustrating times ahead and can achieve success as a music producer faster.


Daniel from Audio Shock

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