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Rhino Star - Music Production Tools and Sample Packs

Rhino Star - Sample Packs And Production Tools

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We are currently accepting unsolicited material. if you are a producer of dance music please use the contact us form to submit your best music and we will let you know if you have that special sound that we are looking for.




Rhino Star Music, Production tools and sample packs for DJs and Producers. We are a dance record label, Our mission is to help DJs and Producers in all the Electronic Dance Music genres with sample packs, production tools and tunes. 

Our Mission

The aim of Rhino Star Music is to create and release tools for music producers, sample packs, construction kits, Synth presets, DAW templates, midi files and tunes that dominate the clubs and rock your speakers at the studio.
Our popular digital releases, sample packs and production tools are supported by DJs and producers around the globe, Artists from Armada, Spinnin, Musical Freedom,
Rave Culture and more are using our sample packs and playing our singles in their sets.
At Rhino Star Music we believe in sharing art, inspiration, and creativity. We are always on the lookout for new talent to motivate and encourage in a friendly and collaborative artistic environment.

Join Our Team

We are looking for producers who can create great sound kits and sample packs, including drum kits, construction kits, Presets packs, DAW templates and loop packs. Our team will help you to perfect your products and you will have a chance to earn a distribution contract and earn money by selling your sample packs on Rhino Star and partner sites.


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